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The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation South Africa Collaborates with Blockkoin

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Changing the World Together

We're pleased to announce that we've collaborated with HSH Princess Charlene on her NFT-based #feed2gether campaign.

Together we aim to change the lives of thousands across Africa through the power of blockchain technology. We plan to provide instant global assistance through innovative blockchain-powered payment methods & our global partnership network.

“We have heard our children’s hungry cries, and we refuse to let hunger have the final say in the Rainbow Nation.”

-HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco

The #Feed2gether campaign was launched at the St Andrews 150th Open in Scotland earlier this year:

The Next Generation of Charity Support

It is mind-boggling to think that hunger and starvation are a tragic reality for over 350 million children worldwide. In South Africa alone, 2.8 million children experience hunger weekly – 600 000 children experience hunger daily or almost every day! HSH Princess Charlene wants to bring the plight of our hungry children to the world and make a practical difference in South Africa.

It is well known that HSH Princess Charlene, through the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, has saved many lives worldwide. Saving lives is her passion, and she acts on this passion through her Foundation’s different initiatives. However, this projects’ funds will solely be going to the #feed2gether division within her charity. The #feed2gether initiative is a children's program that has been formulated with the intention of feeding children, between the ages of 3 to 5, nutritional and formulated food parcels, in order to support them to grow, learn and become stronger daily in all the areas of their lives.

We've collaborated with HSH Princess Charlene on her #Feed2gether campaign by utilizing our blockchain ecosystem to enable instant global assistance. This project is only the beginning of a revolutionary approach to foundation and charity support across the blockchain and metaverse realms. Subscribe to our newsletter for future updates.

Welcome to the next generation of charity support.

Blockkoin owns 1 of 15 prestigious NFTs

Visit our new charities section to read more about how you can support this amazing initiative.

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