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50/50 Split

We'll sponsor your dream in exchange for quality brand awareness.

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Reasons to Join

It doesn’t matter where you’re based, we’re operating in a global economy and support you online from anywhere in the world.


Track Your Earnings

All sales are tracked through your unique referral link. Easily keep track of your referrals and share easily.


Multi Currency Options

We assist people from all over the world using a variety of currencies. Earn and withdraw commissions or convert into other cryptocurrencies.


Buddy Boost Program

If our customers use your unique link, their transaction fees are calculated and the rewards are yours. Everything tracks back to your unique link.


Mobile Friendly

The Blockkoin Exchange is available on the Google and Apple App Stores or via a normal mobile browser. It has all the functionality of the desktop version.


Community Builder

We do our best to be active on social media and will engage with you often. We believe in supporting our associates as much as they support us.


Your Own Web Page

Show us your dedication and we will also throw in a unique webpage just for you on the Blockkoin website. We assist your growth as much as you assist ours.

Women Headphones_edited_edited.jpg

Start Now

You can already get your personal referral link to share with anyone. If someone clicks on it, we know that it's your sale – we record it on your dashboard and you earn commission.

A QR Code just for you


Copy, paste, share! We've made it easy to spread the word.

Add it to your website, car, phone or T-shirt and start earning.



We work with the best to deliver premium services

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