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  • How do I sign up for an account?
    Click on the following link to navigate to the Blockkoin Exchange platform: Once there, click on the "Create Account" option. Fill out the form with your details. Ensure that all the information is accurate to facilitate the verification process. After completing the form, click on "Submit" You will receive an email to verify your account. Please check your email inbox (and spam folder if necessary) for the verification email and enter the code from the email as prompted. Once verified, you'll be able to log into your Blockkoin account and start exploring the platform.
  • What personal information do I need to provide for account registration?
    Before you continue with any transactions we'll need some information from you. KYC (know your customer) is required by law to combat money laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing. Please provide us with the following documents: 1. Scanned copy of your ID/Passport/Drivers License (or other government-issued identification document) 2. Proof of Address (Utility bill, e.g. municipal water and lights account or property managing agent statement. Bank statement. Municipal councillor's letter) 3. Photo of you holding your government-issued ID document next to your face. Please upload these documents within your Blockkoin Exchange Account verification process when prompted. If you need assistance, please contact (jpg, png, and pdf formats accepted).
  • How can I secure my account? Is two-factor authentication available?
    To enhance the security of your Blockkoin account, we recommend following these steps: Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Yes, Blockkoin provides the option to enable two-factor authentication for added security. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection by requiring a secondary verification method, typically a time-based one-time password (TOTP) generated through an authentication app like Google Authenticator. Use a Strong and Unique Password: Create a strong and unique password for your Blockkoin account. It should include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using easily guessable information such as your name or birthdate. Additionally, ensure you do not reuse passwords across multiple platforms. Be Cautious with Phishing Attempts: Be vigilant against phishing attempts where malicious actors may try to trick you into revealing your account credentials. Always verify the authenticity of any emails, links, or communications claiming to be from Blockkoin. Blockkoin will never ask you to provide your password or sensitive information via email or other unsecured channels. Regularly Monitor Your Account Activity: Keep a close eye on your account activity, including transaction history and login attempts. If you notice any suspicious or unauthorized activity, report it to Blockkoin's support team immediately. Keep Software and Devices Up to Date: Ensure that your operating system, web browser, and any associated security software are kept up to date with the latest patches and updates. Regularly update your mobile device's operating system as well. Be Mindful of Public Wi-Fi: Exercise caution when accessing your Blockkoin account on public Wi-Fi networks, as they may not be secure. If possible, use a trusted and secure network or consider using a virtual private network (VPN) for added security.
  • How do I deposit funds into my account?
    FIAT: To deposit fiat funds into your Blockkoin account, please follow these step-by-step instructions: Begin by accessing the Blockkoin platform and locating the "Wallets" menu option. Within the wallet section, find the specific fiat wallet you wish to top up and click on the "Transfer" button associated with it. From the available transfer options, select "PAY NOW" for bank transfer (card payment is currently not supported – coming soon!). Choose the desired currency for your deposit and enter the amount you intend to fund your selected wallet with. After confirming the entered details, click the "Confirm" button to proceed. Select your country from the provided options, indicating the country you will be depositing from. Click "NEXT" to continue. You will then be presented with a list of preferred bank options. Choose the bank through which you would like to make the deposit. Proceed by logging in to your online banking application using your banking credentials. Once logged in, complete the deposit process by initiating the transfer to the account details provided to you by Blockkoin. Following these steps will enable you to successfully deposit funds into your Blockkoin account. CRYPTOCURRENCY: To deposit funds into your Blockkoin account using cryptocurrency, please follow these steps: Access the Blockkoin platform and locate the "Wallets" menu option. Within the wallets section, find the specific wallet you wish to top up and click on it. Look for the "Transfer" button associated with the chosen wallet and click on it. In the transfer interface, you will find a "GENERATE" button. Click on it to generate a unique wallet address for your deposit. Once the wallet address is generated, you have two options to initiate the deposit: Copy the wallet address provided and use it as the destination address for your cryptocurrency transfer. Alternatively, you can use the QR code provided to scan and initiate the deposit from your chosen cryptocurrency wallet or exchange. Complete the deposit process using your preferred sending method, ensuring that you send the funds to the generated wallet address. By following these steps, you will be able to deposit funds into your Blockkoin account using cryptocurrency.
  • Can I deposit both cryptocurrency and fiat currency into my account?
    Yes, you have the flexibility to deposit both cryptocurrency and fiat currency into your Blockkoin account. We provide self-service options for both cryptocurrency and fiat deposits. Additionally, our OTC Trade desk offers assistance and support for a wide range of additional cryptocurrency and fiat deposit options.
  • What are the transaction fees on the Blockkoin exchange?
    The transaction fees on the Blockkoin exchange are determined by a variety of factors, such as banking charges, blockchain fees, administrative fees, and market rates. To obtain specific information about the fees and charges related to the transaction you wish to complete, we recommend reaching out to our support team or logging in to your account. Our support team or your account dashboard will provide you with the exact details of the fees and charges associated with your specific transaction.
  • How can I buy or sell Blockkoin on this platform?
    Blockkoin or “BK” as we like to call it, is available as a wallet option. Using BK as a trading / movement asset unlocks additional benefits such as: a) “Zero-Fee” transfers when moving BK from one Blockkoin wallet / account to another.
  • What are the limits for buying and selling Blockkoins?
    Your trading limits are determined by your trading account level and KYC clearance. Please contact support directly if you have any further questions.
  • How can I set up limit and stop orders on this platform?
    To set up limit and stop orders on the Blockkoin platform, follow these steps: Log in to your Blockkoin account. Navigate to the trading interface or the section where you can place orders. Locate the option to create a new order. This is typically labelled as "New Order" or similar. Choose the trading pair or market in which you want to place the order. For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin with USDT, select the BTC/USDT trading pair. Select the order type. In this case, you would choose either "Limit Order" or "Stop Order." Limit Order: Allows you to set a specific price at which you want to buy or sell an asset. You specify the price and the quantity of the asset you want to trade. Stop Order: Allows you to set a stop price at which an order is triggered to buy or sell an asset. Once the stop price is reached, a market order is executed. Enter the price and quantity for your limit or stop order. For limit orders, specify the desired price at which you want the trade to occur. For stop orders, set the stop price at which the order will be triggered. Review the order details to ensure accuracy. Click on the "Place Order" or "Confirm" button to submit your limit or stop order.
  • How long do transactions typically take on the Blockkoin exchange?
    How long transactions typically take on the Blockkoin exchange can vary based on several factors, including: Blockchain Confirmation Time: For cryptocurrency transactions, the transaction speed depends on the specific blockchain network involved. Different cryptocurrencies have varying block confirmation times. Some blockchains may have faster confirmation times, while others may take longer. Network Congestion: If the blockchain network is experiencing high congestion due to increased transaction volume, it can lead to delays in transaction confirmations. During peak periods, it may take longer for transactions to be processed. Transaction Fee: The transaction fee you set for your transaction can also impact the processing time. Higher transaction fees incentivize miners to prioritize your transaction and include it in the next block, potentially speeding up the confirmation time. Platform Processing Time: The time taken by the Blockkoin exchange to process and verify the transaction on their end can also influence the overall transaction speed. Due to the variability of these factors, it is challenging to provide an exact timeframe for transaction completion on the Blockkoin exchange. It is recommended to monitor the transaction status within your account and consult the specific blockchain network for estimated confirmation times. It's important to note that transaction speeds and confirmation times are subject to change and may differ between different cryptocurrencies supported on the Blockkoin exchange.
  • What happens if a transaction fails or is delayed? Who should I contact?
    If a transaction on the Blockkoin exchange fails or is significantly delayed, it is recommended to take the following steps: Check Transaction Status: First, check the status of the transaction within your Blockkoin account. Look for any error messages, pending statuses, or notifications related to the transaction. This can provide initial information about the transaction's progress or any issues encountered. Verify Blockchain Network: If the transaction involves a cryptocurrency, verify the status of the transaction on the respective blockchain network. You can use blockchain explorers or other tools specific to the cryptocurrency to track the transaction by entering the transaction ID or wallet address. Contact Blockkoin Support: If the transaction issue persists or requires further assistance, it is advisable to contact Blockkoin's customer support. They will have access to your account details and transaction history, enabling them to investigate and provide specific guidance. Reach out to Blockkoin's support team through their official website, customer support portal, or any other designated communication channels. When contacting Blockkoin support, provide them with relevant transaction details such as transaction ID, date and time of the transaction, involved currencies, and any error messages or notifications received. This will assist them in resolving the issue more efficiently. Remember to exercise caution and avoid sharing sensitive information or account credentials with anyone other than official Blockkoin support channels.
  • What sort of customer support is available if I encounter any issues?
    Blockkoin provides multiple channels for customer support to assist you with any issues you may encounter. Here are the available options: Phone Support: You can reach Blockkoin's customer support by calling +27 870 580 525. This allows you to directly speak with a support representative who can assist you with your concerns. Email Support: If you prefer to communicate via email, you can contact Blockkoin's support team at Send a detailed description of your issue, and they will respond to you through email. Website Chat: Blockkoin offers a website chat feature on You can access the chat function and communicate with a support representative in real-time to address your concerns or queries. WhatsApp: For convenient communication, you can also reach out to Blockkoin's customer support via WhatsApp at +27 658 949 002. This provides an alternative messaging platform to discuss your issues and receive assistance. When contacting customer support, be prepared to provide relevant details about your account, the specific issue you're facing, and any relevant transaction or error information. This will help the support team better understand your situation and provide appropriate assistance.
  • How can I withdraw my Blockkoins or other currencies from the exchange?
    To withdraw your Blockkoins or other currencies from the Blockkoin exchange, please follow these general steps: Log in to your Blockkoin account. Navigate to the "Wallets" section of the platform. Locate the specific wallet or balance containing the currency you wish to withdraw. Click on the "TRANSFER" button associated with that currency. Enter the withdrawal details: Select the currency you want to withdraw. Specify the withdrawal amount or the desired quantity of coins/tokens. Provide the destination address or wallet where you want to send the funds. Ensure the address is accurate and belongs to you or the intended recipient. Review the withdrawal details to ensure accuracy. If applicable, confirm any withdrawal fees or charges associated with the transaction. Click on the "Confirm" or "Withdraw" button to initiate the withdrawal request. It's important to note that the specific steps and options may vary depending on the Blockkoin platform's user interface and supported currencies
  • What are the withdrawal fees and limits?
    The withdrawal fees and limits on the Blockkoin exchange are determined by a variety of factors, including: Currency Type: The fees and limits can vary depending on the specific cryptocurrency or fiat currency you are withdrawing. Different currencies may have different fee structures and limits. Withdrawal Method: The fees and limits may also vary based on the withdrawal method you choose. Different methods such as bank transfers, cryptocurrency withdrawals, or other payment options may have different associated fees and limits. Market Conditions: The fees and limits can be influenced by market conditions, including network congestion for cryptocurrencies or banking charges for fiat currency withdrawals. Account Level: Your account level or verification status may also impact the withdrawal fees and limits. Some platforms may have different fee structures or higher limits for verified or higher-level accounts. To obtain specific information about the withdrawal fees and limits on the Blockkoin exchange, it is recommended to customer support, or log in to your account and review the withdrawal section. This will provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate details related to the specific currencies, methods, and account types you are using.
  • Can I use Blockkoin exchange on mobile devices? Is there a mobile app?
    Yes, you can use the Blockkoin exchange on mobile devices by accessing it through a mobile browser. Simply visit the link on your mobile browser, and you should be able to access and use the exchange platform. Currently, our mobile app is unavailable as we are conducting beta testing for the new launch of our exchange. Rest assured, we will notify all users once the new mobile app is released. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this phase. Please stay tuned for further updates!
  • How often is the exchange rate updated on the Blockkoin platform?
    The exchange rates on the Blockkoin platform are updated in real-time to reflect the live market rates. This means that as the market fluctuates, the exchange rates will be continuously updated to provide you with the most current and accurate rates for trading or conversions. The platform ensures that you have access to the latest market information to make informed decisions regarding your transactions.
  • What measures does Blockkoin take to ensure the security of my personal and financial information?
    Blockkoin takes several measures to ensure the security of your personal and financial information: Secure Servers: All personal and financial information stored on Blockkoin's platform is kept on secure servers. These servers are designed with robust security protocols to safeguard your data from unauthorized access. Fireblocks Integration: Blockkoin utilizes Fireblocks, a leading security platform, to enhance the safety of user accounts and wallets on the exchange. Fireblocks employs advanced encryption and multi-layered security measures to protect against potential threats and breaches. Encryption: Blockkoin employs encryption techniques to encrypt sensitive data, such as passwords and personal details. This adds an extra layer of protection and makes it significantly more difficult for unauthorized individuals to decipher the information. Compliance with Data Protection Standards: Blockkoin adheres to industry best practices and complies with relevant data protection standards and regulations to ensure the security and privacy of user information. This includes implementing measures to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security risks. Ongoing Security Audits: Blockkoin conducts regular security audits and assessments to identify and address any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in their systems. This proactive approach helps to maintain the security of user information and keep up with evolving security threats. It's important to note that while Blockkoin implements strong security measures, it's also crucial for users to take steps to protect their own accounts. This includes using strong and unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), and being cautious of phishing attempts or suspicious links.
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