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Welcome to Africa’s blockchain-powered alternative to traditional banking.

We’re a fin-tech company changing lives by making financial freedom a reality for all.

Our innovative cryptocurrency ecosystem is centred around our exchange that lets anyone buy, sell, send, receive and spend their money anywhere in the world.

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We're easy to reach and always ready to help

Hotline: +27 870 580 525
WhatsApp: +27 74 542 8741

Where we’ve come from, where we are now, and what lies beyond.

Throughout history, we have shaped the world around us. From the tools in our hands and clothes we wear to the food we eat and destinations we journey to discover.


All great revolutionary ideas attracted their doubters, and then happily went about proving them wrong. Money, as we know it today, evolved over time through several civilisations.

From cowry shells to salt, copper and gold – the physical burdens of these ancient currencies were replaced by a trust system we all know today as cash.

There is no denying that this evolution is happening again. Existing banking & financial infrastructures have revealed their weaknesses. As a result, how we bank, invest, exchange, save, transfer and send currency is evolving into a digital global financial system.


Blockchain technology has changed everything – and it’s only the beginning. It has spawned numerous cryptocurrency tokens & exchanges, however, few have escaped market volatility and legal setbacks. On a journey towards such monumental change, having credibility, building trust and acting ethically becomes the most valuable starting point.

Welcome to Blockkoin.


Blockkoin is an innovative cryptocurrency ecosystem that serves your financial needs like never before.


We’re building trust by being honest and transparent – this guides our every action and decision, both as people and as a business.

Lowering the financial inclusion barrier provides cryptocurrency services to everyone, banked or unbanked. Secure & simple, we’re addressing the complex challenges of regulators, banks, individuals & businesses. A new era of trust will make the transition between traditional money & emerging digital currency systems easy.

This begins at, our cryptocurrency exchange.


Talk To Us
We're easy to reach and always ready to help

Hotline: +27 870 580 525
WhatsApp: +27 74 542 8741


We work with the best to deliver premium services

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