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Blockkoin aims to help unbanked people around the world, through the deployment of our blockchain-powered crypto. 

More than 3.5 billion people in the world are unbanked or underbanked and as a result, have few opportunities to enjoy a safe and secure way to participate in the global economy.

Sending money home to family and friends, transferring money across international borders is still very complicated, unsafe, time consuming and expensive.

Global economic crisis has revealed significant weaknesses in the existing financial infrastructure and some of these vulnerabilities have already shown their impact on the interconnected global market.

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As a result of Covid-19, the world economy is heading for extremely low growth rates and existing systems running on traditional banking channels are slow, complex, full of intermediaries, high exchange rates, bureaucracy and extensive legacy paperwork systems.

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As a result of Covid-19, the world economy is heading for extremely low Awakening the worldwide unbanked population to the benefits of the global financial system is key in order to provide a sustainable solution for their future economic outlook and inclusion to today’s emerging blockchain freedom.

The emergence of cryptocurrency tokens has created a silver lining to evolve from these legacy financial systems. However, it turns out that consumers and businesses are struggling to leverage the benefits of blockchain infrastructure, due to poor usability, non-customer centric approach and draconian legal implementation.

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BlockKoin is all about empowering the global 3.5bn unbanked, to enable them to participate in the rapidly changing new global economy and develop the new outlook of a community embracing freedom and blockchain architecture.

It is a great irony that the blockchain or crypto community has continuously been denied help from existing financial institutions who like to participate and sponsor blockchain events, but in reality, will not support the blockchain evolution – due to some “inherent problems.”

We firmly believe that there should be an efficient alternative to the existing banking and payments system and BlockKoin is reworking the fundamental principles dedicated to support the unbanked – by providing a simple solution for the easy adoption of future money.

Furthermore, we are committed to accelerate the growth of digital innovation by bringing BlockKoin’s Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange and Mobile APP’s into the digital ecosystem. In doing so, we are embracing blockchain decentralisation.