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We believe in community. We believe in giving back.

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With your support, we are saving the rhino

Rhino poaching has reached crisis point, and across the globe rhino habitat is shrinking.

It’s shocking that today, three of the five species of rhino are Critically Endangered, and two have fewer than 80 animals left.

The good news is that together we can stop poaching and habitat loss, so that rhinos are no longer near extinction. But we need to act now.

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Credit: Jason Savage Wild Heart Conservation

Become a member and join our
Save the Rhino community!

Without our members, we could not fund the crucial fieldwork that is needed to protect endangered rhino species across Africa and Asia.

"We believe we can stop poaching and habitat loss so that, in 20 years’ time, rhinos will no longer be Critically Endangered. We’re working with the best people and using every tool we can to save rhinos".

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